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Educational Consultancy

Educational Consultancy We will Help you in … …
  • Career counseling.
  • Syllabus management.
  • Time management.
  • Other than school syllabus.
  • How design the notes.
  • Art of listening/reading/writing.
  • Importance of short courses in our life.
  • How to choose the best book.
  • How to write the book.
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Health Consultancy

Health Consultancy We will Train you about … …
  • Health farm.
  • Diagnosis pattern or steps.
  • Awareness about diseases.
  • Fitness exercises.
  • Awareness about medicines.
  • Awareness about first aid and training.
  • Pregnancy and delivery training by female instructor.
  • Mother’s training after delivery by female instructor.
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Family Consultancy

Family Consultancy We will Groom you about … …
  • How design the file of individual member.
  • How design the individual life planar.
  • Awareness about the role of Mother and Father.
  • Child’s training. Home budget management.
  • Nutrients management according to family.
  • Role of vocation / library/ remote control of T.V. Use of modern technology e.g. mobile, computer etc.
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Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy We will provide to you awareness about… …
  • Business plan by Sagheer Ahmed.
  • Difference between job and business.
  • Short course of PMP.
  • Business’ law. Labor’s law.
  • Banking system.
  • Leadership training course.
  • 100 golden principles of Business.
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