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عظیم ماں اور عظیم باپ کا نالائق بیٹا

دنیا میں نظریات اور خیالات،دوسروں تک پہنچانے کے کئی انداز و طریقے ہیں جن میں مضمون نویسی، تقاریر اورخطبات قابل ذکر ہیں لیکن کسی  بھی دور کے مسائل کو براہ راست بیان کرنے کا سب سے خوبصورت انداز خطوط نگاری ہے۔

قابل ذکر کتاب میں ۱۰ خطوط موجود ہیں جن میں آج کے دور کے مسا ئل اور ان کے حل عوام الناس کو بتائے گئے ہیں۔ یہ معاشرے کے لئے کس قدر مفید ثابت ہوتے ہیں یہ آنے والا وقت بتائے گا۔

عظیم ماں اور عظیم باپ کا نالائق بیٹا

For clarity of font read the following book 

عظیم ماں اور عظیم باپ کا نالائق بیٹا   ( download it  ) [ right click and save file as ]

5 thoughts on “عظیم ماں اور عظیم باپ کا نالائق بیٹا”

  1. The focus of this book is awareness. Awareness or شعور is rare to found. Hence we had made our life miserable . In this book Sagheer Ahmed tries to give solution in a way that is understandable to avg I.Q person. First part is addresses i.e. Letters to various segments of Ummah, While 2nd part of book, he tries to give definition of most used words, emotions ( e.g. Happiness, Decision, Accident, Quietness ).

    May Allah make this a rewarding effort in this world and here after for all of us.


    1. MASHAA ALLAH ,very interesting tittle of new book ,best choice of people addressed by writer(our respected SIR) in letters n full of knowledgeable subject relate to our daily life

  2. MASHA’ ALLAH , first of all i would like to say congratz of this new book launch which is one more step towards the awareness of the peoples of the world, and i hope that the book should copy to lead previous books themes, i don’t read the book and just take overview, and now finally i have to find the Dedications of this book to other person rather then parents.
    Also i m very very glad to see the image on the cover which is the place where we attend the lectures and also the colour theme is very pleasing to me(due to its black colour).

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