Lecture 7 – Diary series


  • Thanks for all the people who called and inquired for health
  • Thanks for the prayers
  • one cannot be healthy by reading health books !
  • Questions and answers
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Lecture 6 – Diary series

  • Istikhara lecture response
  • Contribution towards the nation / surrounding / environment peoples
  • People will test / verify your words and actions
  • Law of attaction
  • Positive attitude
  • Difference between women of west and east
  • Choice and options
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Lecture 5 – Diary series

  • Some concentration Examples
  • Discuss someconcentrationexercises.
  • How to manage day to day routine or break the routine
  • Difference between a Team member and 12th man
  • Difference between House and home
  • Use of universal examples
  • How to read books
  • Relationbetween Pray and Planner
  • How to Built readinghabit

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Lecture 4 – Diary Series

Points Discussed in Lecture :

  • Thanks for all people who directly or indirectly prayed , helped for the time topology workshop held on 8 dec 2012
  • Personality : definition & dimensions
  • Aim & concepts as per educationalist
  • Research paper published 150 years ago
  • Social interaction and grooming your self and people around you
  • How sub-consciousgives conclusion
  • Two things are ruling world , know what these are ( listen lecture )
  • Question and answers
  • Lecture given on 09th Dec 2012
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Introduction – Diary Series


Summary Points

  • Purpose of Diary
  • What to note in diary?
  • Best practices of using diary.
  • Current shared diary was started on 23rd july, 2008.
  • Catharsis refreshing body through brain.
  • Relaxation Habbits.
  • Pages from diary and points to note and learn from them.

Detailed review of this lecture is published on 2daypakistan.com read it

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