Lecture 7 – Role of Politics

Points discussed in this lecture are

  • Politics : past
    • Facilities, difficulties and achievements
    • very few people are highly qualified & expert of their field
    • Crisis – energy, HR, sports, education and all
  • Policies, planner and budget
  • Q&A
  • Educational revolution can only change country and world


Future of Pakistan

Lecture 6 – Role of Sports

Points discussed in this lecture are

  • Sports : past
    • Facilities, difficulties and achievements
    • squash
    • hockey
  • Sports at structure at school, zone, college level in past with fund amount
  • Training steps or environment provided to new young sports men
  • budget distribution
  • No 10 year plan
  • plus point is that we have youth ( it grows as our population grew )
  • This give us good brain also.
  • Annual calendar of sports, education and all
  • Policies, planner and budget
  • Q&A
  • Diseases increased ( including piles, hormonal, psychological )


Future of Pakistan

Lecture 5 – Role of women

Points discussed in this lecture are

  • Role of women
  • Movements(تحریک) are successful due to three
    • Leader
    • Youth
    • Women
  • Minimum or near to zero homework of master mind ( compared to Pakistan movement and present era )
  • Hence making 52-54% of population an obsolete or non-functioning part of country.
  • Our research ( on how awareness is given to women ) shows that there is No awareness steps / manuals. Most of them have points that are intangible
  • World is looking for a very good manual for women
  • Present era women doesnot have example or thinks of tangible targets in ( health, education, social, religion, economical characters )
  • Target of women is ” Be a women and role should be focused to home”
  • This is the way women can contribute in society / world.
  • First steps is : design tangible manuals
  • second step : There must be teacher / guide to teach the manuals ( this will be the big / major steps )
  • 3rd step : All the work should be neutral . Don’t be biased or driven by “desire”.
  • For all above, i.e. writing manual must be driven by comprehensive research.
  • Present shown or role painted is not the true role of women
  • Book 6 : Introduction , title explained & comments. 


Future of Pakistan

Lecture 4 – Business, Trade & Economy

Following points was discussed in the lecture

  • Three liner summary of Time Topologyworkshop held on 8 dec 2012 at Ramada Plaza hotel Karachi, Pakistan
  • Local and advance version
  • Potential compared to creation of Pakistan required
  • Natural resources
  • Build trust
  • Expertise and skills
  • “Well define and ill define” wrt business, trade and economy
  • How business sector faces crisis
  • How to over come these problems
  • What is solution
  • Q&A
Future of Pakistan

Lecture 3 – Role Of Media

  • what is media?
  • What is the role of Media In Education?
  • How media help To educate a person?
  • What is the problems of Media?
  • Solutions of these Problems
Future of Pakistan

Lecture 2 – Education is The Difference

  • Background about education
  • Present and Past Status of Pakistan education
  • How to make Curriculum?
  • Qualities of Educational Leader
  • what is the solutions of the Education problems of Pakistan?
Future of Pakistan

Series Introduction – Future of Pakistan

  • Background of series
  • History – Quick recap
  • Where we are now ?
  • Hope for future.
  • What this series will contribute in making Pakistan a leading country on world.
Lecture 1

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