Obscenity Lecture 6

Points Discussed in Lecture :

  • Lecture given on 24th Feb 2013
  • Background and details of limiting unplanned meeting and discussion
  • Istikhara lecture response from people
    • comments and questions
  • Stats of rape, fornication, homo
    • in india rape in 20min
    • in New york homosex has become no.1 problem
  • Do not assume that if fornication is allowed, then there will be No rape
  • Obscenity will only be cured by the principles taught by holy religions Not by human solutions
  • Decode the holy principles to prevent this evil.
  • golden principle of life ” No one teaches, you learn”
  • Question and answers
  • Conclusion

Obscenity lecture 5

  • Causes of Obscenity
  • Media
  • Human hormones  
  • Hormones role in obscenity 
  • Relation of  hormones, environment, mind 
  • Relation of hormones, desire and character 
  • Difference between problem and disease 
  • Effects of environment, hormones on character
  • Absence of real education ( tangible, result oriented ) 
  •  How to study and protect your self from sins ( adultery, fornication, Rape ) 

Obscenity lecture 4

  • How to build relation between male and female?
  • Some recent events related to obscenity
  • How to limit things in life
  • Steps to reduce or overcome obscenity
  • solutions of the obscenity problems
  • Some natural properties in human beings

Lecture 2 – Categories Of Obscenity

  • How to build relation between male and female?
  • Different categories of Obscenity
  • Brief history of these categories
  • Problems and solutions of these categories

Series Introduction – Obscenity Series

  • Background of Series
  • Some briefhistoryabout OBSCENITY
  • Reasons for Obscenity
  • How to overcome the obscenity

Obscenity lecture 3

Points Discussed in Lecture :

  • Obscenity Series Lecture 3
  • Lecture given on 25th Nov 2012