Montessori Parents-Teacher Meeting

Venue: Kun School System

Date: 21, Sep, 20131_490f94b3d7ca7-21-1

Points Discussed in Lecture :

  •   Role and script : We are all actors on the stage. we are given with a role and script. often we are trying to perform       script of others.
  • Problem : we replace the script of others.
  • How to make time more benefical?
  • Ways to use things?
  • How to make every moment of life more preciouse?
  • What is planning? And how to plan every minute of life?
  • How teachers shouyld use their teaching , if not used is a waste
  • Who Don’t have a wish to learn   ? The person who don’t ask questions, do’nt learn
  • Barkat : what is barkat
  • Dua for every difficulty / trouble / problem situation faced any time, any where
  • Niyaat
  • What is searching? And how to do searching
  • Open / Inauguration of New Book : One day one reflection … some collection some creation (  )

Parent Counseling – Lecture on summer camp end

This lecture was given at  the end of children summer camp held at Kun School System main campus in july 2013. lecture given on sat 3 august 2013

Following points was discussed with mothers.

  • Introduction 
    • Child growth ( 1 year – 1.5 year )
  • Explanation of each child one by one
  • Who is mother ?
    • holy designation / role    OR
    • Profession
  • What is difference between acting as mother and acting as real mother?
  • How mother live life?
    • Increase reading habits about child/ children
    • adopt consultant
    • improve skills
    • eliminate “falto” visits
    • honest with your self and child
    • study about disease and nutrients
    • show their own examples
  • Q & A
  • Conclusion


Parent Counselling