Special Office Bag (Female)

Office bag (Female)




Vital feature:

  • Multi-layers
  • First aid box + B.P wrist+ Sugar-Glyco-meter
  • Notepad + Pen + stick gum
  • Water bottle
  • Coffee cup ( layer cup )
  • Make-up box ( in layer )
  • Security
  1. GPRS
  2. Alarm
  3. Link lock + wire network
  • Sleeper box at bottom
  • Cotton sheets
  • Lunch box
  • Mobile phone or tablet box + Blue Tooth
  • Tissue paper
  • Organizer
  • Weight distribution w.r.t. scientific study



Student mobile phone

Student mobile phone

student mobile


Vital feature:

§  One master number:Guardian’s number

  • Message c.c to master number
  • Every call c.c. to master number
  • Only guardian’s number or code can edit contact number directory
  • Functions that support education only:e.g.scanner allowed, but camera is not.
  • No Radio
  • Internet allowed but all activity c.c. to guardian
  • No social networking: Social networking is not allowed
  • Dictionaries e.g English ,Science

Monument Design for University, Library, Islamic Center

Monument Design for University, Library, Islamic Center

monument 1




  • Allah(from both sides) from right in Arabic, and  from left in English
  • Four Holy books
  • Two Pillars
  • Four Steps

Unique design with respect to concept, for university / public / community place entrance, a great look. It will also serve as Identity of the place and vision to understand for generations coming on.




aptitude expert 1

Important Features:

  • Online Learning Management System
  • All Subjects text notes
  • Videos lectures of experience teacher
  • On-line aptitude test
  • E-Dictionaries of all subjects
  • Correction of the blunders of international books
  • Step by step solution of numerical
  • Articles related to students’ needs
  • Educational social net-works window
  •  On-line short courses
  • Reference of others e-courses sides

And many more,…




KUNJOBS BANK (KJB), a new product to the world, providing services since 2011.KJB is product of master mind and has following unique, global not local, and dashy features:


  • HRConsulting : Kun jobs has helped SBT JapanJinnah women universityNew port Institute of Communication and Economics ( NICE Malir )TradekeyAlabbas group,Crescent bahria Cadet colleges, International Printing Ink and Colors ( Pak-korea venture ),  and many more in finding, locating suitable, professional human resource including but not limited to I.T, Admin, HR, Education, Management teams.
  • National and International Jobs:  First web service in the world which covered the whole world. Thousands of job postings.
  • CV’s and Portfolio Tips:  Grow the youth brain with respect to C.V and portfolio designing, also give the many tangible examples and sample C.V’s and portfolios.
  • Interviews Tips: Role of interview and your degree to getting job are the 50% ratios to each, there are lot of articles and tips for your job style.
  • Career Counselling: What is the important career for me? It is the difficult and important question, here presented the introduction of many professions, and also presented tips of professionals.
  • Time Management: In here, not only defined tips but also give, when to do? How to do? Where to do?
  • CV’s Bank: Put your C.V in this bank for better future and on demand see the important parts of others C.Vs, for hiring or else.
  • Hyde Park: It’s a unique, and extra ordinary concept for the world, any one comments on previous organisation, which is helpful to rank it and also the helpful to other who is joining them and wise versa for writer.
    Organisation comments on their employee or previous employee which is helpful to other, when they hiring him, vice versa for them.
  • Cash Your Skill: If you have any idea, present here and write short introduction with finance summary we forward to sponsors if anyone likes to invest, so we arrange the table.
  • Scholarship Box: Collect the scholarships from all over the world on one click.
  • Competition For You: If you feel, you have a potential, have ability to appear in any competition and prove it.




kun school logo 1

Golden feature of this system are:

  • Syllabus according to brain or child psychology.
  • Harmony between the all subjects.
  • Monkey Bridge for balancing phobia.
  • Push up exercise for shoulders.
  • Clay area for nature solution.
  • Weekly teachers’ training program.
  • Weekly mothers’ training program.
  • Online Learning Management Systems.

And may more,…

Printronics Media – ( Combination of print and electronics media)

Sagheer Ahmed introduced “Printronics Media” ( Combination of print and electronics media), which is the unique concept, not only for Pakistan, but for the whole world.

2daypakistan has more than 42 dimensions, and has the algorithm

2daypakistan = Education + Information + Entertainment

we will try to increase its dimensions, and will try to improve efficiency.

visit www.2daypakistan.com