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Diploma in Visual Maths

Respected thinker,

We are glad to inform you of our new course, Visual Maths. For science, mathematics is as vital as oxygen to man! “Visual Maths” is a radical approach to the mathematics essential for subjects like computer science, management sciences, and other related fields.

The contents of the course have been divided in following chapters each of which deals with a major area of the course.

  1. Introduction

  2. Functions
  3. System of equations
  4. System of matrices
  5. Determinants
  6. Theory of numbers
  7. Sequence and series
  8. Ration, Proportion, Variation and scales of notation
  9. Discrete and combinational mathematics
  10. The science of computing
  11. Mathematical programming
  12. Abstract Algebra
  13. Vector spaces
  14. The derivative
  15. The integral
  16. Differential equations
  17. Artificial intelligence
  18. Control systems
  19. Euclidean and non-eudclidean geometry
  20. Elements of statistics

At the end, we would like to thank you for taking out the time to read this Visual Maths. We request you to kindly let us know of your views about the subject. We would be glad to receive your comments about the course..


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