Lecture 4 – Business, Trade & Economy

Following points was discussed in the lecture

  • Three liner summary of Time Topology workshop held on 8 dec 2012 at Ramada Plaza hotel Karachi, Pakistan
  • Local and advance version
  • Potential compared to  creation of Pakistan required
  • Natural resources
  • Build trust
  • Expertise and skills
  • “Well define and ill define” wrt business, trade and economy
  • How business sector faces crisis
  • How to over come these problems
  • What is solution
  • Q&A
Future of Pakistan

One thought on “Lecture 4 – Business, Trade & Economy”

  1. Rare talent from one of the most dedicated teachers I have ever seen, dedicated teachers are rare in the present educational scenario, these lectures are the elixir got from the vast knowledge and research.
    Regarding this lecture and the series that is by the name of ‘ Future of Pakistan”, being an optimist person I am of the view that the future of Pakistan is bright, however presently the country is suffering from the political dilemma: military is attempting to ensure the stability meanwhile the politicians are making hue and cry for the sake of democracy, hope the conditions will have been a lot better in next 10-12 years

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