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First I like to tell few lines about my self, I’ve done MS Computer Science, PMP certification. I’m PMP Trainer, consultant. Currently ( as of April 2014 ) i’m doing my own consulting. ( in other words self employed ) My complete profile can be seen on linkedin ( ) .
I’m married having two  kids ( Abyan aged 5.5 years, Ismail aged 2.5years ).
Coming to topic : 

I’m getting guidance, consulting from Sir Sagheer since 2003-2004.

At that time I was in my first job. At the beginning it was focused on Career and general self guidance in all aspects i.e.
  1. sharing and correcting my self based on Sir advice, about decisions for career steps.
  2. Enhancing my skills and dimensions
  3. Providing Training and consulting in my area of skills ( that was start at the that time )
After wards as this relations became more strong, I started attending and listening Sir Lectures Series .
  • Story Series : This gave lot of insight about why people fail and why people get success. what are true things to be taken care off ?
  • Talash e Haq : This broaden understanding and dimension of thinking about “Finding Sirat e Mustaqeem”
  • Faqeeri Deera : This was general discussion series aimed for awareness in health, education, social dimensions
Plus getting advice in all areas of life.
That was the start.
Then in 2011 took decision ( with sir guidance) to start working as consultant. This was well guided by Sir. and with his guidance and prayers of parents Alhamdulillah now we have started international ventures in Australia, UK, UAE.
Plus all this also gave opportunity to put my tiny share in many activities / projects that Sir do ( Alhamdulillah). few of the examples of these are
  • Kun Schools Systems
  • Kun world
  • 2daypakistan
  • kunjobs
  • Books review, publishing
Presently i’m enrolled in following consulting with Sir
  1. Family Consultancy : Working to make planner for all family members including wife & sons.
  2. Health Consultancy : For parents, and all of us. we share our problems, observations and then get guidance from Sir.
  3. Educational / Career Consultancy
How much all this helped me ? 
The biggest problem of this era is true guidance. Presently what i’m, and i’ve achieved is only because of two factors
  1. My Parents effort and prayers
  2. Sir Sagheer guidance, advice and help
May Allah Bless him more both worlds and give us strength to work as expected by Sir.
I strongly recommend to join consultancy from sir.
Things to take care ?
As this short write up is not only to share success but also to help new persons/ families / organizations to get benefit from Sir. Following are points that you should take care.
  1. Be honest in all respects
  2. Speak the truth. ( whether its against you )
  3. Listen and understand ( ask untill you understand )
  4. Act what is advised
  5. Share the outcomes ( good, bad )
  6. Be on time, ( in meetings, on call , visits etc ) ( honor your and Sir time )
  7. Be prepared and document / write before meeting ( write your questions, observations, points to share / seek guidance ). This will also save your and sir time. It will be good if you can email him before meeting.
  8. Be specific, be precise : avoid long stories, backgrounds n all that
  9. Donot share things of others : only share matters that you need to improve, get guidance. matters that are related to your self.
  10. Be with diary / note book :  Use diary and come with diary / notebook when you visit sir. even if its not planned.
May Allah make this journey a rewarding one in both worlds. plus an asset for akhira ( world here after ).

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  1. MASHAALLAH, an impressive story specially the things that u mentioned at last under heading of “Things to take care”, also i think you are more then that article words.

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