Story 23 – on 10th Apr 2011

Points Discussed in Lecture :

  • Story  No 23
  • Lecture given on 10th Apr 2011

One thought on “Story 23 – on 10th Apr 2011”

  1. Asalaamu alaikum brehotr, May Allah grant us the blessing hidden in the blessed month approaching. What you say is true, staying away from evil and things which waste our time is for every day, but some times are even more sacred than others and Allah has created these more sacred times for good reason, to aid us when we become weak the rest of the time.So someone who does not pray regularly gets a special chance to revive their prayer, and someone who has a problem with lowering the gaze gets a special opportunity to learn this noble quality.Allah is most wise in how He(swt) has portioned out times. We ask Allah to grant to us that the noble qualities which we nurture especially in Ramadhaan remain with us for the rest of the year, from one ramadhaan to the next. Allahumma Baarik Lanaa fee Sha’baan, wa balighnaa Ramadhaan.

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