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My Story,…,Suhaib Hamad
Start with the name of ALLAH who is lonely eligible for pray and Muhammad (PBUH) are His last messenger and Prophet. You and I also committed on the universal fact that whole knowledge extracted from Quran and only one way to reach it is our Prophet’s Sunnah.
My name is Suhaib Hamid. I have done MBA in Marketing. First I would come in Sagheer group classes in 2002 for study of Metric Science subjects. Due to untraditional study approach and working environment I left the centre. But get acknowledge with the fact that this man (Sir Sagheer) is blessed with multi talents.
After that I have passed my metric with A-1 grade and Intermediate with C grade. I recognized that calculus is one of my several weak points. Hence in starting year of my BE Textile. First I along with friend contacted Sir Imran Aslam(Vice Chairman NED University, Karachi, Pakistan) for calculus. He referred us to Sir Sagheer but I refused to study calculus under his supervision due to my previous experience. Sir Imran gave me two more names as alternatives. One is Sir Mujahid Ali (Professor PAF KIET, Karachi, Pakistan) and the second one is Sheikh Waqar (Professor Jamia Milia College, Karachi, Pakistan).
As I know that Sir Sagheer and Sir Mujahid are fast friends that’s why I went to Sir Sheikh Waqar but unfortunately (my mind at that time) he don’t have any time hence I joined Sagheer group classes for Calculus in initial quarter of 2006. Here my status at that time was
1. Lack of confidence.
2. Social shyness.
3. Under the influence of several phobias.
4. Destructive believes and Personality.
5. In keen search for someone for Mentoring.
6. Unclear and confused mindset.
7. Don’t know how to study?
8. Don’t know that first you go through the process of learning?
9. Don’t know what are disciplines of life?
10. Don’t know how to deal with people?
11. Unaware of my qualities and talents.
When I joined the centre first I would come only for study and don’t ask any questions. Then I start study along with asking questions. In next stage I also came to center 3-4 times a day. After that I came only for asking questions to clarify my mindset and don’t study.
That will change my perceptions regarding personality of Sir Sagheer Ahmed. In these days Sir started given workshops on Human Management. I have attended the whole series as an active member along with my respected fellows M Usama Siddiqui (King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals), Muhammad Ahmed Nawaz (Orient Energy), Muzzamil Ahmed (King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals), Shoaib Khalid (ACCA Student). It was a great experience for me as this changes me a lot with respect to character dimensions. After that I have attended several other workshops and lectures series (by Sir Sagheer Ahmed) that brought the following changes in my life.
1. Now I perceived as a confident person in professional world.
2. I started compiling and writing articles to share my 8 years learning with other. 21 completed articles have been published on
3. I developed my working techniques as well as professional Profile on liked in (Previously) and odesk (recently).
4. I also get the honor to remain the top influencer on Harvard Business Review on linkedin for 1 week.
5. Now I am able to analyze different scenarios and act accordingly.
6. Now I got aware of my responsibilities and rights.
7. There is standard have been developed for good and bad.
8. Now I know everybody is unique in terms of strengths, weaknesses and limitations.
9. Every person has got the golden opportunity once in life.
10. Knowledge is inversely proportional to ego.
11. All great people think alike.
12. We only need to play our part of the game.
14. Jack of all trades, master of none.
15. Test of fire makes fine steel.
16. As you sow so shall you reap.
17. If you have the will you’ll find a way.
Now I have got the honor to be a part of Kun team. I worked here as an Article Writer for as well as Marketing Executive for Kun Systems. I improved here day by day… … …


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  1. Dear Suhaib Hamad

    I read your story it is very impressive, changes depend on environment where we spend time, specially from which personality we are associated.

    Allah bless you and give more success in life

    Thanks and keep in dua’s


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