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27 years experience of education, and research,…
4 years experience in entrepreneurship…
17 years experience of personality assessment and coaching.

Our Specialty in Consultancy

Business Consultancy

We will provide to you awareness about…

Business plan by Sagheer Ahmed. Difference between job and business. Short course of PMP. Business’ law. Labor’s law. Banking system. Leadership training course. 100 golden principles of Business.

Health Counseling

We will Train you about…

Health farm. Diagnosis pattern or steps. Awareness about diseases. Fitness exercises. Awareness about medicines. Awareness about first aid and training. Pregnancy and delivery training by female instructor. Mother’s training after delivery by female instructor.

Family Counseling

We will Groom you about…

How design the file of individual member. How design the individual life planar. Awareness about the role of Mother and Father. Child’s training. Home budget management. Nutrients management according to family.

Education Counseling

We will Help you in…

Career counselling. Syllabus management. Time management. Other than school syllabus. How design the notes. Art of listening/reading/writing. Importance of short courses in our life. How to choose the best book. How to write the book.

Father of Time Topology, Visual Philosophy, Visual Mathematics and Treatise of Human Education

Sagheer Ahmed

Born at Karachi in 1976. After doing his B.Sc(H) in Mathematics, he obtained a master’s degree in applied mathematics (with quantum mechanics and relativity). After completing his university education, he took the teaching profession (or Passion) and joined Grace International as an educational director and at the same time he opened his new dimension and provided educational consultancy of many institutes and organizations. Sagheer Ahmed is a great thinker of this century.

Now he is working on Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Mathematics and Language. He wrote 35 awareness books and more than 15 text books and also the co-author and re-viewer of many books and delivered more than 16000 seminars and also conducted approximately 3000 workshops and more-than 100 training sessions.

Published Books

The total number of published books are 51 and counting…





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