Are we responsible of our health?

WHO said that we are losing war against the diseases,…, yes its true because most of people including doctors are not health and not live happy life. My research find following unhealthy point or facts of our daily life:

  • Most of people feel tired or fatigue when they are working continuously 5 hours.
  • Awaken state are not fresh because they have many sleep disorder problems.
  • Waist/Hip ratio is above than 0.7 of female and 1.2 of male.
  • Brown-White fat ratio is poor.
  • Not awareness of medicine, therefor totally depends on doctors.
  • Not awareness about diet, only taste lover.
  • Not awareness about massage therapy, according to my study more than 60% body problems resolve by massage.
  • Not proper awareness about exercise according to our body, age, and shape.
  • Not proper knowledge of hormones relation with mood swings.

………………and many many more…………

All of above are the mothers of many diseases and problems, but I defined only one because of shortage time, that woman whose W/H ratio is greater than .075  her child has poor memory,…

Now come to solution of above problems, please divide your whole day with the respect of following break-up:

  • Adopt professional diet plan
  • Adopt professional massage plan
  • Adopt professional multivitamin plan
  • Adopt professional inspirational, motivational, and relaxation habits.

Some basics tests are necessary on the annually basis:

  • Vitamin D
  • TSH
  • LFT
  • Kidney efficiency
  • Sugar
  • Cholesterol
  • Vitamin B-12

I think so you got my point, why are people busy in health? With the respect of money, with the respect of time,…, please avoid general physician, always concern professional, research base consultant. May Allah bless you and may give you strength (capability/ability) to right decision.