Basics principles to develop writing skills

Basics principles to develop writing skills

Irrespective of your age factor you can improve writing skill if you want to. Writing ability is the key to success in the modern era. The following tips will help you develop it.

  • Increase your word power¬† or bank of vocabulary

Thesaurus of words augments your writing power, It also aids in reading. The greater the vocabulary, you have the better the author you will be, and you have the better command over the language.

  • Learn grammar

No language goes without grammar, knowledge of grammar is essential for writing, speaking, understanding.

  • Develop reading habit

Reading helps you in understanding and knowledge; you become accustomed to the correct structure of the sentences acquainted with the use of the right word in the right place. Read news-paper, magazine or journals regularly.

  • You must have a standard dictionary

Whenever there is a word whose meaning you do not know, look up the dictionary and memorize its meaning, spelling, pronunciation, and its right use with the respect of nature.

  • Develop your imagination

Without imagination you cannot write no matter how great vocabulary you have. You can develop your imagination by reading, listening and observing.

  • Improve your knowledge of subject

If you lack knowledge of the subject you are unable to write even a single line.

  • Develop writing habit

Regularly write diary, notes, short stories, articles , short drama, or construct several sentences using a single difficult word.