Consultancy about the education of children

Present era is the era of education, not only text or schooling but also other than school, according to my research and suggestion plan or design daily schedule of your child and also try to analyse it by any consultant, following are example sheet of plan:


Day 006

  1. Camouflage : to deceive, to disguise.e.g (i) Having seen the lion, the coward hunter camouflaged himself with leaves and branches.
  2. Rome was not built in a day:great results cannot be obtained in a short period,patience is required in the production of anything valuable. e.g (i) It will take time to establish your reputation as a surgeon. You cannot sow and reap all at once. Remember that Rome was not built in a day.
  3. How to hand-wash/rub


Day 007

  1. Covort : jump about excitedly e.g (i) The dog having seen its master cavorted around.
  2. Stone throwing: finding fault with one’s neighbours.e.g (i) The stone-throwing spirit is not in keeping with the principles of Islam.
  3. Difference between in and into

Day 008

  1. Circumscribe: confine e.g (i) A terrible illness circumscribed him to bed for a year.
  2. Spin out : to prolong to a tedious length. e.g (i) He spun out his lecture till his audience was wearied.
  3. Differrenc between proper noun and common noun.

Day 009

  1. Cloud :cause something to become (i) Too much whisky clouded his judgement.

Spoil something e.g (i) The bitter agreement clouded their friendship.

  1.  To take to task : to reprove e.g (i) Take him to task for his idleness.
  2. IQ game.

Day 010

  1. Cling : stick to something e.g (i) The smell of smoke clung to the fireman’s clothes for a long time .

Stay close to somebody/something e.g (i) One should not cling to the kerb ehile driving.

  1. Through thick and thin : through every obstacle,under all difficulties.e.g (i) The first dawn of comfort came to him in swearing to himself                                                                                     that he world stand by that boy through thick and thin and cheer and help him and bear his burdens.
  2. Make a personal diary.