Curriculum Of Human ( C.O.H ) – Overview

Respected thinker,

We are glad to inform you of our new course, C.O.H. Those of you who have known KIPAAS previously would know that this is our third consecutive year in bringing out a new major course. We are bringing this course to you after two successful courses, Visual Philosophy and Treatise of Human Education, Alhamd ul Allah.

Visual Philosophy was developed with a purpose to inculcate and develop a process of thinking in the students. It combines the study of human brain anatomy, human psychology, philosophy, language, logic and mathematics to provide all the necessary tools to the students to better utilize their skills and knowledge in their respective fields. Treatise of Human Education was developed with a different purpose in mind. This course aims to provide an understanding of and develop means for the solutions of the greatest problems and challenges faced by us today. This is no easy task especially when you consider the diversity in the problems faced by us today as individual, as a society and as the citizens of planet Earth. That is why, in this course, a general solution was developed that that can potentially solve any problem when applied properly.

While both Visual Philosophy and Treatise of Human Education have been successful in their own rights, for our new course, C.O.H., the approach has been completely changed from what our listeners are used to. In this course, we are switching from a group approach to an individual approach. This means that for the first time, a separate syllabus will be developed for each individual enrolled in the course.

I am sure many of you would be thinking right now about the need for developing individual syllabi. The reason is twofold. Firstly, the aim of the course is such that an individual attention is required. Secondly, group courses are always designed for the average IQ of the class. This means that that the output of the students with higher as well as lower IQs will be limited. In our past experiences, we have observed that the usual output of a group course is between 50-60%. The advantage of an individual syllabus is that it can be tailored for the intellectual ability of the very person who has to study it which results in maximizing the output of the student.

The aim of C.O.H. is to develop the curriculum of life. If you consider life to be like a book then the aim of this course is decide the title of the book, to decide the number of chapters, to decide the sequence of these chapters and to decide the material of all these chapters.

In the beginning of the course, a sequence of books to be read by the student will be made. The student will then be issued these books at regular intervals throughout the duration of the course. The syllabus itself will cover a number of things. First and foremost will be defining the aim of the student and establishing a relationship between the aim and life. Secondly, extracurricular and other activities of the student will be planned so that these activities dont clash with the aim of the student. Relation between physical and psychological health and activities will also be covered.

One of the main aims of the course is to improve the vision of the students. This will achieved by providing the necessary data to the students in the form of books. With all the data, we aim to develop a global vision in our students.

The general transition from a very low IQ, which we normally call duffer to a very high IQ (genius) is duffer to ordinary, ordinary to average, average to hard worker, hard worker to extra ordinary and extra ordinary to genius. Our aim is to gradually increase our students IQ level. With the help of their abilities at the start of the course, we will decide a target level at the end of the course and the entire course will then be designed accordingly.

C.O.H. is a course which has the potential to transform peoples way of thinking, has a potential to transform their lives and make them into someone who will be able to make positive contributions to whatever field they belong to. It has the potential to evolve them into their better selves.