One Day One Reflection, Some Collection…Some Creation – Sagheer Ahmed

One Day One Reflection … Some Collection Some Creation … …



This book is written with unique theme. The theme is adopt one good habit , learn one positive reflection each day and change your self daily. All reflections are organized day / date wise  in english and Urdu.  The book has following sections

  1. Introduction by Sagheer Ahmed
  2. Autobiography Chapter of Sagheer Ahmed
  3. Reflections day wise.


Introductory Lecture of Book

Introduction of the book was given in a lecture on 14th sep 2014 ( first parent meetings at Kun School Systems ).  You can listen from [ 01:18:00 min ]

Lecture [mp3-jplayer tracks=”″ dload=”y” captions=”” width=”300px” height=”50px” mods=”y” vol=”45″ pos=”rel-L” ]

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