Seven sessions program for habits change

If you have a habits like smoking, glass huqa, ignoring of children or family, too much eating junk food, thirsty of movies, involvement in opposite sex, fingering, masturbation,…etc, Which are mostly bad habits and you want to change it so please attend our NAC course…wait a minute if you disturb psychologically because of, fail in love,  unsuccessful marriage, physically abuses, bad moments of hormonal changes, loss of any important match, fail in professional exams, ….if you disturb by any type of these problem then must join this course  and came back into happy life.

  • First Session: The first step to creating any change is deciding what you do want so that you have something to move toward.
  • Second session: Get leverage: Associate massive pain to not changing now and massive pleasure to the experience of changing now…
  • Third Session: Timing is too important… Timing is everything.
  • Fourth Session: How/why break/interrupt the limiting pattern.
  • Fifth Session: Importance of ‘Replacement theory’, and create a new, empowering alternative.
  • Sixth Session: How adopt the habits of consistency, and conditions the new pattern until it’s consistent.
  • Seventh Session: By practice, take control on all steps.




Course duration:

Seven weeks ( one session in a week)



Course fee:

35000/-  Pak Rupee


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