Summer Vacation Planing for Children,…,from Parnets

Summer Vacation Planning for Children…,…,…,from Parents

Change the routine, not to destroy the routine…

I became in a shock when I saw that parents are not planed the summer vacation, after research I could divide parents in three following types:

1-Totally unaware or ignore the summer vacation

2-Admit the children in any summer camp without study this camp

3-Arrange plane for whole summer vacations, day to day, hour to hour

As I was wrote in last article “why is your child not break any international record?”, Because you are dull, your children are not, (if you are unplanned),I came back to present topic, what is the planning of summer vacations? So it has a simple answer, design syllabus of summer vacation,…yes its summer vacations not school home work,in this syllabus we defined:

1-Targets (in education, in health, in habits, in social activities)

2-How achieved it?(its your sixty days game plane)

3-How judge it at last(end of the vacations how conclude it)

For the explanation of above three questions/statements we need example:

Nabeel is the student of class I, he is weak in maths and science, but has many complains, he is not physically fit, 5 kg underweight, bone weakness, abnormal shape, poor reflexes and poor stamina.

He is above than out spoken, use vulgar vocabulary, not respect the elders, and also use negative signs with poor face expressions, negative use of smart phone.

He is too much thirsty/addict of cartons, and /therefor he does not like those types of friends who are good in education (good like good, bad like bad), ….

Now we design plane summer vacations for this type of boy….

1-Education time divide in three sessions:

-1 hour morning maths and science.

-1 hour noon school home work.

-1 hour night for language.

2- For physical fitness also divide three phases strategy:

-Improve diet e.g salad, fruits ,fresh juice, wall nut, Almond and spinach

-Introduce swimming exercises

-Introduce brain-body reflexes improvement games e.g football, hockey, throwing ring, throw ball in basket

3-Introduce 1 hour session for his/her counseling and by the help of family coach, and apply inspirational and motivational tips in whole day.

4-Introduce one small session for habit changing.

At the same times arrange four picnics between summer vacations and fun. According to my practice above plane is good for all but/if you feel your child has some different qualities/habits/disease the contact to your family coach and modified above model with the respect to your child….

The purpose of a vacation is to have the time to rest. But many of us, even when we go on vacation, don’t know how to rest. We may even come back more tired than before we left.

Nhat Hanh