Visual Philosophy

We are glad to inform you of our new subject, Visual Philosophy. It is a course designed to inculcate and develop a process of thinking in the students. Philosophy means the search for truth and visual philosophy is the subject that teaches how to do it. Rather than only focusing on end results, it focuses on visualization of the process involved in the search. It combines the study of human brain anatomy, human psychology, philosophy, language, logic and mathematics to provide all the necessary tools to the students to better utilize their skills and knowledge in their respective fields.

Course Outline:

Chapter 1 : provides an introduction of the subject in general and the course, the reasons for teaching it, its objectives and targets and the way it should be studied.
Chapter 2 : outlines the anatomy of the human brain, describes its sensory systems, memory system and its food requirements. The chapter then goes on to explain the method of working of the human brain, its diseases and finally the Brain-Body relation.
Chapter 3 : discusses Language. Starting with the history of human language, the chapter introduces the pillars of language and the language of brain. The chapter also discusses the processes of reading and writing and concludes by explaining the different forms of writing.
Chapter 4 : discusses the term ideas in general. The chapter starts with an introduction to the fundamental concepts of the terminology and its importance, explains its types and then concludes with a discussion on the connection between ideas and the physical world.
Chapter 5 : focuses on logic. It introduces the basic concepts and discusses the differences between western and eastern concepts of logic. It introduces the two fundamental processes involved in logic, induction and deduction.
Chapter 6 : is concerned with knowledge. The chapter begins with the definition of information. It then discusses the difference between knowledge and information and presents a conversion formula to convert information to knowledge. The chapter concludes with a discussion in the limitations and the extent of human knowledge.
and many more…


Course duration:

3 months – 1 hr lecture per week



Course fee:

1000/- Pak Rupees (Registration fees)
2000/- Pak Rupees per month


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